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Digital Music Manager

Digital Music Manager

Part #: DMM

The Digital Music Manager (DMM-4S) automatically seeks out all of the digital music in a home’s network and enables the homeowner to play and control it easily from an intuitive, feature-rich Vantage interface.

In addition to playing any of the CDs ripped and stored on the system itself, the DMM can stream live from a laptop, USB/MP3 player, Internet Radio, or any shared music files. And, any CDs ripped to the DMM are copied at seven times sampling to obtain the purest quality audio.

The DMM delivers audio from up to four independent audio streams to the Vantage Axium 450 Series Multi- Room Amplifier or any other multi-room system. In the event that a house guest would like to play their own music on the system, they can simply plug in their iPod, stream audio onto the system, and then disconnect their player before leaving the house – the music metadata is stored on the system only while the device is connected to the DMM.

  • 1TB or 2TB hard drive
  • Seeks out all digital music on the network
  • Manage and control independent streams separately
  • 4 Sources out
  • Error-free ripping
  • USB/MP3 Support
  • Seamless integration to the InFusion System
  • Internet Radio
  • Control options are IP, RS-232, and IR
  • PC and TV interface
  • Optional drive to Preserve and protect the value of your music collection
  • Powered by DigiFi™